I thought I'd take a couple minutes to share with you why I created Dictionary Domains.

Being a person who loves to make things (primarily web things), I often find myself trying to name products and find domain names. Finding a fitting name is tough, and finding a domain name to match just sucks. Painful.

There's some pretty great tools out there that help: I'm a big fan of Lean Domain Search, back in the day I used Bust A Name a ton, and Domainr it's modern counter part.

But really, I'm a huge fan of simple {word}.{tld} domains. I'd happily compromise on the .com extension to get something clean and meaningful.

So, that's the point of Dictionary Domains. To make it ridiculously easy to find simple verb/noun/adjective domains for your next project. Hopefully you find it helpful.

Good luck out there!


Frequently Asked Questions

I found a domain I like. How do I get it?
You can register the domain at any domain registrar. NameCheap and Hover are pretty great. GoDaddy, not as great. 101domain allows you register just about any extension.

Do you get affiliate revenue for the domains I buy?
Yeah, I have affiliate accounts set up with Namecheap and 101domain, so if you buy a domain through the links, I should get credit. The affiliate commission for most domains isn't much though, so don't feel obligated to register through Namecheap/101domain instead of your favorite registrar.

I found a domain but it's aready registered. What up with that?
Dang, somebody beat you to it. Please click the "Mark As Taken?" button next to the domain so other users don't get their hopes up too.

Why do the domains link to Namecheap & 101domain? Are you associated with them?
No, I'm not associated with Namecheap or 101domain (or any other domain registrar). I link most of the domains to Namecheap because they have a good service and nice interface. For domain extensions that Namecheap doesn't sell, I link to 101domain.

I'm a domain squatter! Is this a good site for me?!
Nope. Andy Baio said it best in 2002: "Oh, and if you're a domain squatter, do the world a favor and find another business model so the rest of us can have our domains back, you chowderheads."

My question isn't answered here. How do I get my question answered?
Email me! justin@justinthiele.com